SASk valley hospital foundation inc.


About The Foundation

The Sask Valley Hospital Foundation Inc. (SVHF) is the Twin Rivers fundraising committee that is responsible for raising the funds needed for the construction of a new hospital in Rosthern. Twin Rivers District includes the Urban Municipalities of Duck Lake, Hague, Hepburn, Laird, Rosthern and Waldheim, as well as the Rural Municipalities of Duck Lake, Rosthern and Laird.

The SVHF Fundraising Committee is made up of members who are involved in the Twin Rivers district.

Sask Valley Hospital Foundation Committee:

Don Greve  -
Wendy Penner -
Pat Wagner -
Josie LaChance -


Fundraising Committee Members: 

Ed Pelletier - R.M. of Duck Lake (
Bonnie Guigon - Town of Duck Lake  (
Corrine Riegert - R.M. of Laird  (
Judith Andres - R.M. of Laird (& Hepburn Area)  (
Elmer Schultz - Town of Waldheim  (
Rick Reddekopp - Town of Hague  (
Cheryl Foth - R.M. of Rosthern  (
Don Greve - Town of Rosthern  (
Richard (Porky) Porter - Consultant at large  (


Marketing & Grant Writing:

Josie LaChance -